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Happy Client Reviews

"Thank you, Jamie, for making my dream job obtainable. I worked with Jamie to discover my passions, talents, what I wanted to focus on in my next career - and set a personal goal to become employed in 3 months. We made it happen in 7 weeks! Jamie was instrumental in prepping me for the interviews and she boosted my confidence so I could carry through. She truly made the drudgery of looking for a career a pleasant one."

Tracy Barnhart
Senior Franchise Transaction Analyst

"Jamie Flora was an absolute game-changer for me in my professional pursuits. First, we tackled my mindset that was stuck in victim mentality and insecurity. She was patient and remained positive as we worked to shift my internal belief system. Then, she helped me up-level my personal brand, identify what I truly wanted, and develop a plan to get me started on my next career. She also provided me additional opportunities by bringing me into her personal network. She truly cared about my success and her confidence in me kept me motivated. We refreshed my resume and LinkedIn profile and I received a request to interview from the first job I applied to. I now have an interview with another organization and am on my way to The Six-Figure Club! Her support was constant and unwavering. My confidence and earning potential have soared because of her coaching. Thank you, Jamie! "

Karyn Guilford
Marketing Agency Owner

"​Jamie has made a profound impact on my life and in my career. Her coaching, professionalism, insight, and guidance has influenced my confidence as I continue my search for a new opportunity in the finance industry. Jamie helped structure my resume, prepped me for interviews, and supported me through some intense interview processes. ​Not only has she influenced my career, but she has also helped me in all other facets of my life. I’m excited to continue to work with Jamie in alignment with my professional and personal goals. She successfully helped me get into the six-figure club!"

Tara Rajdl
Senior Marketing Manager

"​I came to Jamie for coaching and help navigating my career during an uncertain time in my organization. I had over 30 interviews and was frustrated that I would often come in second in the selection process. I needed some guidance to get out of my own head and build more confidence in knowing I am valuable. Jamie helped me release painful feelings, shift my mindset, and empowered me with confidence to keep pushing forward. Shortly after our coaching, I received 3 job offers in one week! ​Working with Jamie was very comforting and I felt like she truly cared about my well-being and career. She is very easy to talk to, and very honest about where she sees opportunities to develop. She’s not afraid to give tough love to help you increase your potential. "

Senior Strategic Planning Manager

"I started working with Jamie when I needed to redirect my career path and optimize my resume and interview strategies. Jamie helped me break down limiting beliefs, and showed me how to dream big again. ​Through thoughtful questions, follow-up, and guidance, Jamie made it possible for me to see how I could align my passions to my work, which ultimately enabled me to reach new career heights. Regardless of your aspirations, Jamie has the tools and strategies to make the impossible – possible. "

Senior Strategy Consultant

"Jamie was so helpful during my career change five years ago. I'm grateful for all she did to motivate and inspire me to be my best self. I am mentally better for it, too. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to make a change. "

Manichan Joy Nguyen
Organizational Development Consultant

"Jamie’s had a very positive impact on my life. She helped me craft my narrative for interviews after taking some time off. Together we clarified my next steps and solidified the “why” behind my plan to keep me focused. I highly recommend her as a career and life coach. "

Melissa Welsh
Technical Writer

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