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How to Prepare for Salary Negotiation

Jul 21, 2021
Now, it's time to talk salary negotiation!
I often hear my clients say they are "terrible at negotiating" and have "left money on the table" simply by not asking for more when they were offered a job.
They say they feel "yucky" or "greedy," or simply not confident about how to navigate this kind of conversation.
As your career "Mighty Mouse," ‍I want to save the day on this topic, too - and, never hear anyone say these words again!
So, with the help of Negotiation Trainer and Strategist, Susan Borke, I'm going to help you prepare, so you can get paid more than you expect.
To begin, Susan says:

"If you don’t ask, you don’t get."

In her LinkedIn course, she recommends taking these actions before and after the salary negotiation:
Phase 1: Preparation (i.e. you, preparing on your own)
  • Research
    • Ask yourself, "What am...
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How to BEST Prepare for an Interview

Jun 01, 2021
It is not for the faint of heart.
There's so much to say about interviewing that people have literally written books about the topic.
So, what I can give you that differentiates from what you already know?
Or what can I reinforce - because we all need reminders sometimes, right?
I'll say this much...
After helping three clients recently navigate the interview process, I've learned that preparation is key SO THAT, during the interview, what you want to say flows out of you as naturally as it would when talking with a good friend.
You might be wondering, "Okay, yeah. But, what kind of preparation?"
Two words.
Mock. Interviews.
Just like a quarterback watches recordings of his performance to improve his game... You should, too.
The most effective interview preparation I conduct with my clients is hitting the good ol' record button on Zoom so they can watch the playback of the good,...
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How to Overcome Job Hunt Fatigue

Apr 16, 2021
You've been networking, applying to jobs, and nothing of significant interest has materialized yet.
This whole thing is starting to feel like a grind.
The monotony of sending LinkedIn messages, emails, maybe even picking up the phone and calling people directly... of applying to job after job with maybe a phone interview or two is starting to wear on you.

You might be thinking, "What gives?"

I get it.
I'm going to share a few rays of sunshine in hopes they shed light on what you can do to when you're feeling overwhelmed about the job hunt process.
I like to say, "If you're getting phone screens, your resume is good."
If you're getting first-round interviews, your phone screen skills and resume are dialed in.
If you're getting to second-round interviews, your first-round interview skills, phone screen skills, and resume are solid.
You get the idea.

So, where are you getting stuck in job hunt process?

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Top-to-Bottom Resume Refresh - Part 2

Apr 02, 2021
Welcome to the final post of my resume refresh series!
This last post will cover the work experience section of your resume (and two other optional sections). 
If the thought of editing and making your work experience section shine feels a bit daunting, it's okay.
I've got you.
Let's do a little recap and then take editing your work experience section step-by-step.
Three weeks ago, I shared my top 3 resume refresh secrets.
You all loved them so much that I shared two more juicy secrets the following week.
Last week, I decided, "Let's get organized, and take it from the top, down."
So, I shared what two sections to include at the very top of your resume. Namely, your name and contact information and your qualifications summary, which is the most important section of your resume!
I encourage you to click through the links above and check out the posts if you're just tuning in.
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Top-to-Bottom Resume Refresh - Part 1

Mar 26, 2021

The very first words on your resume should be your first and last name.

(I know... duh. But, stick with me.)
The next line should include ONE phone number, ONE email address, and, if you prefer, the URL to your LinkedIn profile.
That's it. Plain and simple.
I highly suggest not including your home address, your side hustle's website, or any other information that isn't highly relevant to the job you're applying to.
So, the top of your resume should look something like this:
Jamie Flora

000-000-0000 | [email protected] | linkedin.com/in/jamieflora1

Pro Tip: Delete the "https://www." at the beginning of the LinkedIn URL and the forward slash "/" at the end.
Remember, you want to give the least amount of information and the most high-value information.

The next section should be a qualifications summary.

You might be thinking, "Check! That's exactly what I have after my name and contact information, too."...
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I Want to Feel [Fill in the Blank]

Mar 05, 2021
I knew building the career of my dreams was going to be a mixed bag of awesome and awful.
Recently, I was confronted with a limiting thought and feeling about past circumstances.
A thought that had, along the line, become a belief.
"I feel lost and unsupported," was fully unearthed.
Ooo...oucheth. That thought doe not feel good.
When I was little I wanted to be an archaeologist.
Then, I learned that archaeologists who only dig up dinosaur bones were called paleontologists, and I was like, "Yeah, that!" ‍
Digging in the dirt all around the world and discovering the bones of old and mysterious creatures was what my four-year-old self considered an amazing time.
Who knew that I would be, figuratively, doing the same thing as an adult?

The pursuit of our dreams includes digging into our pasts to discover old "bones" and new "creatures."

That is, old ways of responding to life circumstances and...
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How to Create Transparent Communication

Feb 26, 2021
Let's be real...the expectations of the leaders of our organizations change frequently.
*cough cough*
2020, anyone?
Setting 2020 aside, I'm seeing this happen across organizations at an even more rapid rate in 2021.
Things can move so fast sometimes that clearly communicating new or changing expectations takes a back seat to getting things done.
However, if everyone doesn't get on the same page sooner rather than later, there's a price to pay, quite literally.
If leadership isn't communicating the latest and greatest expectations, employees simply aren't given the opportunity to rise to them.
This can lead to missed opportunities for increased earnings and/or efficiencies.
Not to mention, low employee morale when they find out their performance isn't meeting expectations and their pay is affected.
In times like these, making time to get on the same page is of the utmost...
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The Gift of Being Micromanaged

Feb 09, 2021
If you have ever worked for a micromanager, raise. yo. hand.  ‍‍
Uh huh. I see you.
Being micromanaged can feel invasive, exhausting, frustrating and [fill in your experience here].
It can feel cutthroat sometimes, too.
As in, if you don't dot every "i" and cross every "t," then you're going to lose your job.
Just writing that makes my immune system shutter.
Living with the fear of losing your job and income is rough.
But, what if that micromanager was actually giving you an opportunity to determine how committed you really are to the objectives of your role, and meeting or exceeding those objectives?

What if being micromanaged was for your benefit?

Maybe your experience has gone something like this...
Your manager just told you what to do and how to do it.
You want to achieve the same thing they want and you have an idea of how to do it better, but they don't seem to be receptive...
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The Elusive "How?"

Feb 01, 2021
Discovering what you want to do next in your career is fun.
But, what do you after you zero in on your ideal career?
How exactly do get to where you want to go?
Getting to the next stage in your career is like taking a trip to a place you've never been.
You need a map or GPS. 
To figure out exactly how to go for and get your dream job, you must first create your own "map."
This means writing down ALLLL steps you can think of that will, ultimately, land you the position.
Sounds easy enough, but I often see my clients get stuck at this point.
The thought of writing down ALL the things that we think will get us our dream job can feel boring. 
I mean...dreaming up our next career move?
Now that was fun.
So, naturally, we want more fun.
Not a task that feels like a grind.
But, when we actually make time to sit down and write down all the steps we can think of AT THIS MOMENT (because more...
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The Divide from Good to Great

Jan 25, 2021
I've often said, "It's hard for me to know what I want and then articulate it."
For example, I've caught myself saying or thinking:
  • "It's hard for me to decide on just one career path."
  • "It's hard for me to decide what kind of coaching business I want to create - health or career."
  • "It's hard for me to decide who I want specifically serve in my coaching practice."
These are significant decisions, but when I sat down to think about this recently, I realized very quickly that "It's hard to know what I want and say so" isn't totally true.
With other things, it's super easy to name what I want and go for it or create it.
For example:
  • I wanted my next car to be a fun one, so when the time came I bought Subaru WRX STi in "World Rally Blue Pearl" with the wing and all! (Fast and Furious, anyone? Paul Walker would be proud.)
  • I wanted my office to be a bright and energizing space, so I filled with colors like white, light gray, all shades of green,...
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