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How to Create Transparent Communication

Feb 26, 2021
Let's be real...the expectations of the leaders of our organizations change frequently.
*cough cough*
2020, anyone?
Setting 2020 aside, I'm seeing this happen across organizations at an even more rapid rate in 2021.
Things can move so fast sometimes that clearly communicating new or changing expectations takes a back seat to getting things done.
However, if everyone doesn't get on the same page sooner rather than later, there's a price to pay, quite literally.
If leadership isn't communicating the latest and greatest expectations, employees simply aren't given the opportunity to rise to them.
This can lead to missed opportunities for increased earnings and/or efficiencies.
Not to mention, low employee morale when they find out their performance isn't meeting expectations and their pay is affected.
In times like these, making time to get on the same page is of the utmost...
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