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How to BEST Prepare for an Interview

Jun 01, 2021
It is not for the faint of heart.
There's so much to say about interviewing that people have literally written books about the topic.
So, what I can give you that differentiates from what you already know?
Or what can I reinforce - because we all need reminders sometimes, right?
I'll say this much...
After helping three clients recently navigate the interview process, I've learned that preparation is key SO THAT, during the interview, what you want to say flows out of you as naturally as it would when talking with a good friend.
You might be wondering, "Okay, yeah. But, what kind of preparation?"
Two words.
Mock. Interviews.
Just like a quarterback watches recordings of his performance to improve his game... You should, too.
The most effective interview preparation I conduct with my clients is hitting the good ol' record button on Zoom so they can watch the playback of the good,...
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