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How to Prepare for Salary Negotiation

Jul 21, 2021
Now, it's time to talk salary negotiation!
I often hear my clients say they are "terrible at negotiating" and have "left money on the table" simply by not asking for more when they were offered a job.
They say they feel "yucky" or "greedy," or simply not confident about how to navigate this kind of conversation.
As your career "Mighty Mouse," ‍I want to save the day on this topic, too - and, never hear anyone say these words again!
So, with the help of Negotiation Trainer and Strategist, Susan Borke, I'm going to help you prepare, so you can get paid more than you expect.
To begin, Susan says:

"If you don’t ask, you don’t get."

In her LinkedIn course, she recommends taking these actions before and after the salary negotiation:
Phase 1: Preparation (i.e. you, preparing on your own)
  • Research
    • Ask yourself, "What am...
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